Thank God, I Made It Through

This is what I wanted to do all day.

I think getting sick has been one of my greatest fears since I became a Full Time Caregiver for my Mom who has Alzheimer’s.  I’ve had days where I wasn’t feeling my best.  I’ve had mildly sick days here and there but nothing that actually knocked me off my feet.  It had to happen eventually and it did.  The last couple weeks I have been battling a really bad cold, while still trying to provide the best care for my Mom.

Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

This article isn’t about putting any blame on anyone.  I’m far beyond that these days and I’m just grateful that I made it through and took care of my Mom successfully.  There were days when the only way I could function was to wake up in the morning after only 2-3 hours of sleep because I was so miserable and take pain medication.  I had headaches so bad I couldn’t function without the pain pills.  With the pills I could get up and help my Mom prepare for her day and cook breakfast.  I thank God for His Healing Powers because I know it could have been much worse but somehow I made it through each day and accomplished what I needed to do! God brought me through! Mark 10:27 KJV, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

Blowing my Sore Nose Constantly!

I haven’t been this sick in years.  I’m not completely well but I feel so much better.  My neighbor that I hadn’t spoken with in almost a year helped me out by bringing me something to drink.  I really appreciated her kindness.  Overall, it was just Me, Mom and God. Did I fail to mention that Mom had a cold too but she wasn’t as sick as I was and was well within the first week.  Thank God!

We were running low on food items and I ordered the things we needed from Amazon Prime Pantry.  I wasn’t able to go out and had no one offering to pick up things we needed from the store.  So God made a way for us to have everything me needed.

I have not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread. Psalms 37:25b KJV Click To Tweet
Still Blowing my Nose but I feel so much better!

I have learned to trust in God even the more.  That’s one more fear conquered because no matter what comes God can and will make a way for me and my Mom.  I am truly thankful for a loving God, that watches over me and my household.  He is a Faithful God!


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