Becoming a Minimalist, Just the Beginning

I think I’ve actually had an Minimalist attitude for many years.  The last few years it has become a real desire in my life.  One focus is in owning less materials things.  I’ve always liked neat and clean surroundings.  I think a place for everything and everything in its place is great.

I started the process of eliminating unnecessary material things a couple years or so ago and I’ve felt better and better as the process continues.  I love the idea of freedom as well.  I’ve never been the type of person who had to have a lot of valuable items.  I always thought that if I had the one I love with me we could be happy living in a shack.  Most people I’ve shared this with usually think I’m a bit nuts.  I’ve also been told I lack ambition because I don’t have a drive to own material things or lots and lots of money.

As I begin this process of Minimalism I feel free.  I’m so excited to see the plans I have created come to life.  Yes, I do have a plan for my entire living space and other aspects of my life.  Minimizing our living space will really make life easier for me and my Mom who has Alzheimer’s.  My mom is a supreme hoarder because of the disease and now she’s having such difficulty just dressing herself in the mornings because she can’t find anything to wear or remember where anything is.  I have this great plan of how to completely clear out her bedroom and strategically organize the clothes and items she needs for day to day living.  Everything else in her room will be given away.

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Truthfully this is only the beginning, we’ve only just begun…


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