Don’t Give Up!

There were so many times in my life I’ve started out working towards a goal and gave up.  There was something about me and the need to see quick progress.  I think I’ve managed to grow out of that because I don’t often, if at all, give up on my goals.  I may revamp them, reconstruct them but I don’t just give up and walk away from them.

I think one of my greatest challenges has been in dealing with Social Media and the ability to grow a home based business.  I often feel helpless and trapped.  Taking care of my Mom who has Alzheimer’s full-time limits the amount of time I have outside the house and my contact with others on a personal or business level.  I’ve spent so much time reading and researching Social Media Online and frankly it’s quite frustrating.

There are so many cliques and people just are unfriendly or unfair.  I tend to follow people who I have something in common with.  What I have noticed is most people want you to follow them so they have astronomical follow numbers and low following numbers. There are those that follow you and then when you follow back they wait a couple of days and unfollow. Once again trying to manipulate the numbers.  This is common on all Social Media Platforms but I see it more often on Twitter and Instagram.  I don’t even deal with Facebook anymore.

I keep revamping and fine tuning my plan but I won’t give up.  Everyday at some point during the day I hear that “Give Up” voice speaking to me.  I won’t give up.  I do get very discouraged but I won’t give up.  If I never succeed I will be able to say I stuck with it and gave it my all. I pray and ask God to lead and direct me.  I will put in the hard work and hopefully my breakthrough will come soon.


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