Daily Walk with Alzheimer’s, Mean Streak

Living with Alzheimer’s in my life everyday has its challenges. One that really affects me mentally and emotionally is the Mean Streak. My Mom is a master of the mean streak. I call it that because it appears anytime she’s frustrated, upset or bothered, etc. My Mom becomes unreasonably Mean and hurtful. She strikes out at me of course! 

She starts calling me names, being offensive and belittling. This morning triggered her because I asked her to take off a sweater that was dirty and put it in her dirty clothes basket. She still had clean clothes in her basket that I’d laundered Monday. I wash her clothes and I fold them. All I ask her to do is put them away. Now it seems that will be something I will have to do as well. 

Today I am doing a couple loads of laundry and I was going to launder her dirty clothes as well. But her dirty clothes are in a pile in her room. There’s always a pile of clean and dirty clothes thrown together. I haven’t been able to manage this in the past. This will change soon. 

I’m going through that room and throwing out so much stuff. Especially clothes she doesn’t need. My Mom has so many clothes, so very many clothes. Minimalism will be applied and she will only have what she needs. She can’t maintain all those clothes and other possessions anymore!  It will make life easier for the both of us.

Taking care of my Mom is difficult and I’m basically doing it alone. It’s a full-time and a half job and I’m only one person. I believe God to rectify this situation. Being a caregiver can be very demanding and draining. Help is on the way!


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