Daily Walk with Alzheimer’s, Abusive Caregivers

I write weekly about my Daily Walk experiences with Alzheimer’s; I’m the full-time caregiver for my Mom.  Today I saw a post on Twitter via ABC7 News about an abusive 59-year-old caregiver.  She was caring for a 94-year-old disabled woman, it was mentioned that she suffered from Alzheimer’s.  The son of the 94-year-old woman had installed hidden cameras after noticing suspicious bruises on his Mother.  The hidden camera video showed the caregiver hitting the 94-year-old client on the head a few times.  This entire topic and the video is very upsetting to me.  This is why I’d rather sacrifice to care for my own Mom.  I can’t take the chance of leaving my mother with the wrong person to care for her.

Video shows caregiver hitting 94-year-old woman on head multiple times:

The job of a caregiver can be very challenging and yes quite stressful.  There is never an excuse to put your hands on a client.  Yelling and fussing at them only aggravates their condition, a condition they have absolutely no control over.  I’ve learned the hard way to to stop fussing because my Mom simply can’t remember or comprehend what it is I’m trying to share with her.  If we watch a 30 minute sitcom. within 5 minutes my Mom has forgotten everything she’s seen.  It’s challenging because she’s constantly talking and asking questions.  Every 5 minutes it’s a new show she’s watching because she’s forgotten and can’t retain it in her memory.  Surely it’s a challenge for her as well.  Just walk in her shoes and think about it.  She’s terrified, confused and can’t remember the simple things.  I’ve sat and watched her get frustrated with herself daily.

The last thing she needs is a caregiver who not only has no understanding of her condition but wants to take their frustration out on her with violence.  That just won’t do.  That’s why I will continue to do what I have to do and I will do it with Love!

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