Poet’s Corner, Have a Sunflower Day

When your mind is filled to capacity

Don’t get unhooked, go postal, or fray

Cause how you feel isn’t always of veracity

So my friend, ‘Have a Sunflower Day’

If things are not in harmony with your desires

And, your life’s not going your way

Don’t dwell on the wants, keep your focus higher

And make a point to ‘Have a Sunflower Day’

If you sow gratitude, it’s fruit will manifest

What you owe God, only you can pay

In praise is the place to weather a test

It’s up to you to ‘Have a Sunflower Day’

No matter what you do, or in life you find

Be a fighter, believe your God, and pray

Then look at you, in the mirror of your mind

And say, ‘Brenda, have a Sunflower Day’

This poem was written for me years ago by a dear friend.  I was really in love with Sunflowers, and going through a very difficult time; this friend incorporated my love for Sunflowers into a wonderful, inspiring and uplifting poem.

by W. Lofton

Brenda, Brenda Cares Corner

Life, God and the Bible

Ordained Christian Minister

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