My Life, The Great Cleanup

I’ve shown much interest in Minimalism and these days I’m applying it to my life.  The biggest cleanup has started and the progress is great!  I guess it’s like watching a Tiny House television show, as the new tiny house owners have to downsize their possessions.  I’ve done some cleanup in the living room.  A lot of cleanup in my dining room, a bit in my room but the greatest challenge has been my Mom’s room.  There have been 3 two-three hour sessions with my sister and brother-in-law and we’ve made great progress.

We’ve donated so much stuff and thrown away almost as much stuff as we donated.  My desire is to have her room uncluttered, clean and organized before the summer.  That gives us a lot of time and we can make sure it’s done right.  I want to clean and unclutter closets and my room.  Sometimes we have to take a step back in life and look at the things we own.  Do we even need these things or do we even use them.  I know my Mom won’t miss anything we’ve gotten rid of so far and there is so much more left.

That’s why I call this entire project the Great Cleanup!  Once it’s done I will definitely be a part of the minimalist community.  My next goal is to become a member of the tiny house movement.  I’m looking forward to the changes that this entire lifestyle will bring.  I’ve prayed and asked God for many things but I also know I have to do my part.  He helps to equip me so that I can accomplish the things I need to do.  God inspires me to keep moving forward and upward.  Mark 10:27 KJV, And Jesus looking upon them saith, With men it is impossible, but not with God: for with God all things are possible.

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