Daily Walk with Alzheimer’s, I Don’t Remember

I wrote yesterday about the Great Cleanup, in my first major steps towards Minimalism.  My sister and I have gone into my Mom’s room and done a big sweep.  She has wonderful walking room and the room is beginning to look organized and really nice.  As my Mom’s Alzheimer’s progressed she began to become a person that wouldn’t throw out anything.  If she used a paper cup she’d keep it.  Empty Fast food containers weren’t thrown away but put somewhere in her room.  She basically became an extreme hoarder.  She began to use containers to store papers and all kinds of junk that should have been thrown away but she kept them.  She really wasn’t throwing much if anything away.

We have been able to clear out her room to such a point that I was able to go into her room while she was at the Senior Center and do a pretty good vacuum job.  It took me a long time but I was able to get it done with some more organizing and simple cleanup.  I’d been troubled for a long time about my Mom’s room but her disease has gotten to the point where she is no longer concerned with her surroundings and that gave my sister and I the opportunity to do this cleanup.  This cleanup is giving me great joy.  My Mom’s living conditions in her room are so much better now and will be great when we are done.  My Mom doesn’t really notice the difference but my sister and I do and that’s what matters right now.  We love her dearly and want her to have the best quality of life she can.

This morning I asked my Mom did she miss the stuff we’ve removed and she said, not really.  What stuff?  I don’t remember.  So the great cleanup will continue to move forward.

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