Happy Valentine’s Day – Single, Bubbles and Chocolate

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I’m feeling pretty good in Spirit.  I’m a bit achy in the body because I need to purchase myself a new mattress for my bed. I’m not depressed, upset or feeling lonely today because it’s Valentine’s Day.  I love being single.  I’m not looking for love.  Love will have to find me if it wants me.

The reality of Love isn’t like the dreams and fantasies we tend to have of the perfect relationship. The reality of any relationship is disagreements, stress, loneliness, temptations and so much more. Those are the things we leave out of our dreams and fantasies.  They however are a daily reality in all relationships on one level or another.  I’ve been there and done that.  Single life is right for me at this time in my life.  The only relationship I desire is a true friendship and unfortunately a true friendship is as hard to find as a good man for a romantic relationship.  This just shouldn’t be, mankind is in such a horrible state that we can’t even be good friends to one another.  Only God can help us get ourselves together.  Hebrews 13:1 KJV, Let brotherly love continue.  

Don’t let yourself get caught up in the commercialism of Valentine’s Day.  It’s an excuse for me to have a big box of Chocolate Candy and some tasty Bubbly Sparkling Apple Cider.  I’ve had the opportunity to be around married couples recently and it doesn’t make me desire to be married.  I’m opting to be single and this day isn’t changing that at all!  Don’t allow anyone or this day to bring you down or make you feel bad about your relationship status, be single and enjoy it!  You’re free to have fun and make the choices you want to make.  Have fun, eat some chocolate and drink some bubbly! You deserve to have fun and love yourself, no one can love you better than you can!

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