Daily Walk with Alzheimer’s, The Resistance

My daily adventures taking care of my Mom who has Alzheimer’s is definitely challenging.  This morning was a good example of what I refer to as “The Resistance”.  My Mom resists everyday the care that I give her.  Sometimes it’s subtle and then other times it’s out there with a boldness and there is no doubt that she isn’t trying to have it at all.  This saddens me because I’m already having a difficult time doing this, basically alone.  If she were more cooperative it would make things so much easier but of course that is not the case.

Some things she can’t control and then part of it is my Mom just simply being stubborn and rebellious.  She is never wrong by the way so of course I am.  I love my Mom and I miss the Mom that raised me, she was one of my best friends during my adult years.  The Mom I’m taking care of now doesn’t even have memories of my childhood.  She loves me the best way she can but overall I’m more of a nuisance to her.  I hate this disease that has ravished her mind and body.  It is my sworn enemy.  I will fight it with all my might as I take care of my Mom.  It won’t win because I will always love my Mom no matter how this ends, she is my Mom!

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