Daily Walk with Alzheimer’s, Rough Morning

This morning was definitely an emotional challenge.  My Mom didn’t have a good attitude this morning and she was just mean. She was extremely irritable and I couldn’t say anything to her without getting a snappy response.  She really made my morning rough.  I told her she was being unfair.  I never just let her mistreat me without making her aware of her behavior. Does she know what she’s doing?  Absolutely.

My Mom’s attitude is the main reason I don’t want to put her in a Senior Home.  I see so much abuse mentioned in the News Media of staff mistreating residents.  Frankly my Mom can be quite provoking and I simply don’t want to risk her being mistreated.  People are cruel these days and if they decided to retaliate because of her rudeness how would anyone really know?  I don’t know if one day because of circumstances I will have to move my Mom to a Senior Housing Facility but for now she can continue to stay with me.

I love my Mom but some days are just really, really rough.

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