Daily Walk with Alzheimer’s, A Good Morning

Good Wednesday Evening everyone!  This morning was a good morning.  My Mom was in good spirits and we got along so well until her bus came.  We talked a bit, ate breakfast and watched a little bit of news before she left out this morning.  This doesn’t happen very often so I greatly appreciate a good morning when we have one.

I always ask her how she’s feeling in the morning at medication time.  Today she was doing alright, pretty good.  It showed in her behavior.  She did quite a bit of talking and I just smiled and let her talk. It doesn’t even bother me much anymore that most of what she says doesn’t make much sense. She tends to combine information from different circumstances and put them all together.  The story becomes unrecognizable pretty quickly.  She has all these bits and pieces of information, memories and she puts them together to make a memory.

I won’t take that from her.  I’m sure she doesn’t appreciate the issues she has with her memory already.  I’m not going to make it worse for her, I just smile and let her talk.  Challenging her or trying to correct her would only stress her out and upset her and I don’t want to do that.  I see myself in my Mom and it terrifies me sometimes. I’m divorced with no children, I would hate to inherit this disease because I’d be all alone.  I just have to believe God to take care of me.  He will you know, He’s got my back! Isaiah 41;13 KJV, For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. I love my Mom!


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