Short Story Corner, He Loves Me

Years ago when I was still married and with my ex-husband, we had an young upstairs neighbor. She was pretty young, maybe around 21. She lived upstairs with her boyfriend and they had a very young baby.

The first time I realized something was wrong with their relationship was a memory of being awakened very early in the morning by screaming and loud noises. Their bedroom was right over mine and I could hear them when they fought, and they did fight. I could hear him striking her and slamming her all over the apartment.

This particular morning I heard her running through the apartment so I got up and followed her footsteps. I heard her run down the stairs and out the building door. I saw her out my window running to her car. She was in pants and a bra and it was very cold outside. I suppose that’s all she had a chance to put on. She climbed in that car, started it and sped off. That evening she was back at home as if nothing had happened. This went on for months.

One day during the late afternoon they were fighting again. This time she was carrying the baby with her and she made it to our front yard. He came running down behind her and proceeded to beat her while she was holding the baby. She managed to put the baby who was in a carrier on the ground and then she took a defensive position trying to block his blows. He was kicking her too, my husband was home and watching out the window with me. He didn’t want to get involved because he said she’ll be back with him in no time. So a neighbor from across the street interceded and the young man began to go back and forth with him. He was about to become physical with the neighbor from across the street and my husband jumped up and ran outside to stop him. That’s when the police arrived.

They arrested our upstair neighbor who was out there trying to fight everyone. This allowed my husband and I the opportunity to sit down with this young lady. We talked to her for hours and she cried. Then the next morning she went and bailed the young man out of jail. A couple of weeks later they were married. The beatings continued.

I felt sorry for the young lady because she wanted to believe that this young man loved her and that he would miraculously stop beating her one day. Maybe he did stop or she realized she deserved so much better and left.

When my ex-husband and I moved that young couple was still upstairs. They are a example of many relationships of both the young and old. A violent abusive relationship that saddens the heart. I hope that she made it out alive. Everybody deserves to be loved and God knows that wasn’t love!


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