Cuddle with Me

I’ve been single for 16+ years. Sometimes I just want to Cuddle, nothing less and nothing more!

Cuddle with Me

I asked my Kind Sir, have you time for me? I’m in need kind Sir of your company. It’s been a long time of being single and free. I wonder if you can spend time with me?

My kind sir was listening with an open ear and he replied with kindness, why yes my dear. I will tend to you with fondness in my heart. We’ll start with a meal, that’s just the first part. Before the nights over I’ll win your heart!

No no kind sir my heart is all mine. I’d appreciate the meal, together we’ll dine. I’d like a bit of conversation, a kiss or a few, I’d appreciate some hugs but no more from you.

I see said my Kind Sir, I think I can oblige. I’ll hold you close and look into your eyes. I’ll give you a kiss or is it a few? I’ll share with you hugs, not more will I do.

Thank you Kind Sir for filling this need and being so kind to Cuddle with Me!

Brenda Morgan

Life, God and the Bible

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