Poets Corner

When He Finds Me

    When he finds me he shall see clearly into my soul He will feel the beats of my mended heart The scars on my heart he will know are the healed wounds of a victorious soldier He will know I have survived the battle and conquered mine enemies   In my Smile he …
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If There is Love

If There is Love If there is Love. Guide it to me My Heart is mended and open unto it If there is Love, here I am If there is Love, Let it accept me unconditionally I will share and give my all to Thee If there is Love, come unto me If there is …
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We All Hurt Sometimes

We all hurt sometimes. Because life is full of grind but there is hope in everyday. The Lord my God has made a way. We all hurt sometimes. The tears they flow down the face. The unspoken cry that only God can hear.  He’s there always to wipe our tears. We all hurt sometimes. Our war scars are …
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